Fishing and other activities

Fishing - you will be hooked

With so many fish eager to take your bait at Tarzali Lakes, you will no doubt be able to boast about your fishing prowess! A great activity for all family members, with or without previous fishing experience. All equipment, including bait and burley is available.

Fish feeding

If you prefer not to fish, you may be more comfortable with feeding our fish varieties.

Keep your eye open for one of our resident sea eagles.

Bird watching

There are over 132 recorded bird species at Tarzali Lakes. Head off on a self guided tour with a pair of binoculars to see how many kind of bird you can find and tick off the list of species that will be provided. Depending on the season, visitors may sight Jabirus, Sea Eagles, Osprey, Kookaburras, Kingfishers and an abundance of water birds.

Click here to download a copy of the bird watching checklist in PDF format.


It is a privilege to camp at Tarzali lakes and we have only limited camping sites available with a maximum of 8 people per site at any one time.
Camping $12 per person. Check-in preferably by 4pm.
Phone 07 4097 2713 for booking - Prepayment is required.


Platypus viewing. $6
Drink + Platypus viewing. $10
Drink + Cake + Platypus viewing. $15
Includes one of our homemade cakes Iike Mango or Davidson plum, Lemon aspen cheese cake, Hummingbird cake, Lumber jack, Traditional German Strudel.
Barramundi & chips + drink + Platypus viewing. $27
CampingCamping $12 per person. Limited space available.